"With help from Grow50, I was able to raise twice as much funding as forecasted for MovingWorlds.."

Mark Horoszowski, CEO of MovingWorlds

The Grow50 Consortium played an important role in the success of Teachers United by teaching me how to create a successful 501c3. I learned how to create a 501c3 business plan and increase revenue streams, and I also received strategic advice on how to run a non-profit as a for-profit business.

By working closely with Grow50, I had the opportunity to meet people outside my traditional realm, which opened my eyes to different ways of doing business. This helped me build an expanded network and I was also able to look at and address issues from a new, different perspective.

Chris Eide, Principal of Eide Consulting

David Lowe, CEO & Founder of Confer

The Grow50 Consortium provided insightful analysis, perspective, and candid feedback.  All their assistance was immensely helpful and enabled me to further develop and grow my business.

I learned some critical take-aways from all of our conversations that have played a vital role in my business success, including narrowing my short-term focus and how to reach my target market for my product release.

The wealth of knowledge and expertise I received was invaluable.

Business Consultant