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What's Grow50 all about?

Stimulating Emerging Business in the Pacific Northwest


The mission of Grow50 is to stimulate emerging businesses in the Pacific Northwest to benefit the local economy. Our long-term goal is to help grow 50 companies within 10 years.

Grow50's membership includes some of the top professional service firms in the Pacific Northwest; our members provide early stage entrepreneurs with the specialized skills and critical expertise they need to grow their businesses, including fundraising, recruiting, legal services, tax advice, product development, public relations, marketing and sales.


Grow50 has three initiatives designed  to make a positive difference to our local community.

1) Every month, Grow50 invites a local CEO to share with the entire multi-disciplinary Grow50 team a business problem which is impeding the company's growth  Subsequently, the CEO is a "silent observer," while the experienced Grow50 consortium members debate possible solutions to the company's challenge. This powerful blend of diverse professional perspectives often leads to highly creative solutions and always gives the CEO several new ideas to explore. Recent presenters include the CEO's of  Burn Manufacturing, Dreamclinic, Pink's Ice Cream, Madison, Piper, Qwizdom, Whooshh, and Zealyst. Upcoming presenters include the CEO's of Espionage Cosmetics, Kaolakin and Evergreen Salads.

2) Grow50 provides pro bono consulting support to deserving not-for-profit entities. In 2013, we supported First Look Forum winner, MovingWorlds.  In 2014, we are supporting the winners of  Social Venture Partners annual Fast Pitch competition, Teachers United Washington and Project Feast. We are also supporting the winner of Crosscut Community Idea Lab, David Harris, to implement his winning idea, HacktheCD. 

3) Grow50 will be providing turn-key business start-up services to the new businesses being created by the Energy Cabinets at the Center for Energizing Leadership in Bellevue, WA.

By taking these three initiatives, the Grow50 consortium believes it is well on its way to achieving its mission of helping grow 50 companies by 2023.

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