Grow50™ Sponsors First Look Forum

Making its much anticipated first move to help the local economy, Grow50™ announced it will be providing prizes for the First Look Forum.


The First Look Forum takes place twice a year and is a competition involving hundreds of entrepreneurs from around the Pacific Northwest. After a series of screening rounds, a dozen surviving finalists present their businesses to a group of around 60 Venture Capitalists and Angels. Eventually the VCs select both the most promising business and a second placed finisher. 


Jonathan Copley, CEO of CFOCare the business consulting firm that founded Grow50™, announced the winner will receive $50,000 worth of professional fees from Grow50™ members, and the second-placed finisher will receive $25,000 worth of professional fees. Prize-winners will select from a menu of professionals who are specialists in substantially all the skills needed to help their early-stage businesses.  


Michael Baum, CEO of Exo Labs, who won the First Look competition in October 2012, expressed enthusiasm for the Grow50™ initiative. He remarked that with hindsight winning a Grow50 prize would have saved him significant amounts of time which as an entrepreneur is his scarcest commodity. 


North West Entrepreneurs Network Director, Dan Rossi, the not-for-profit that organizes the First Look Forum, noted that Grow50™ had generously agreed to sponsor both this year's First Look events for a total prize in 2013 of $150,000 and commented that "We are thrilled to have them."


The Spring First Look Forum takes place on April 19 2013Read More

Update: The Winners are...

Winner of Spring '13 First Look Forum -
MovingWorlds - co-founder Mark Horoszowski on the right of the picture

2nd place finisher -
Cart Blanche - founder Joel Espelien
on the left.

The two winners were selected by a group of around 60 angels and venture capitalists at the First Look Forum at NWEN in Seattle.

 Congratulations to both companies!